The Pepperman Mystery Series - Book 2 By Bill Briscoe

When the love of his life goes missing, he’ll risk everything to find her.


After Earl’s bride vanishes in the Smoky Mountains on their honeymoon, the former Navy SEAL is certain she’s been abducted. Worse, a storm has washed away any potential evidence, and with nothing to go one, the park rangers call off the official search.


Then another woman disappears in the same area. Can one last lead help Earl for Morgan before he loses her forever?

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The Pepperman Mystery Series - Prequel 

By Bill Briscoe

One life ended in tragedy. Another challenged by a promise. Will a teen’s twenty-year journey to make his dad proud change him into the man he’s meant to be?

In 1966, Jim Pepperman comes home from practice to the news that his dad has died in an oil rig accident.

Not only has the high school football star lost his mentor and best friend, but when his mom moves the family from Texas to New Jersey, he’s forced to say goodbye to his home, his team, and his chance for a football scholarship.
Facing senior year in a new school with no friends, Jim struggles to keep the promise he made after his dad died to be a substitute father for his two younger sisters and a shoulder for his mom. But stepping into his dad’s shoes at seventeen feels impossible, the same way giving up the dream to play pro ball is harder than Jim thought. And senior year is just the beginning.



The Pepperman Mystery Series - Book 1 

By Bill Briscoe

What happens when a mistake from the past threatens to derail the future?

Retired pro football player Jim Pepperman is about to lose everything to the secret he’s locked down for eleven years—that he got into a bar fight with a stranger and might’ve left him for dead.

It doesn’t really matter that it was self-defense. Nightmares are stealing Jim’s sanity, guilt is carving out pieces of his soul, and his silence is driving a wedge between him and his wife. Desperate to confess, he visits his dad’s grave and tells the only person he can. When Jim is almost shot leaving the cemetery and letters threatening his life show up, he begins to wonder if someone has finally discovered what happened that night.
Ex-Air Force Colonel Sean Halpin is an intelligent, meticulous, special investigator for the Newark Police Department. Assigned to Jim’s case, it’s Halpin’s job to sift through clues that make no sense. As the threats escalate, he’s put on a countdown to uncover the real story before it’s too late. But his top two suspects have iron-clad alibis, and Jim may be covering up the crucial evidence Halpin needs to save his life.


Bill D. Briscoe

About the Author

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Bill grew up in the oil and gas refinery town of Phillips in the Texas Panhandle. After graduating from college with a master’s degree, he spent most of his career working for a major insurance company as an agency manager and consultant.


As his retirement was on the horizon, he had an idea about a book. That story, Pepperman’s Promise, became the prequel to The Pepperman Mystery Series, and Perplexity and Panic Point, the next two books in the series, are now available.


Bill and his wife of fifty years live in West Texas. 





Bill Briscoe

What was the inspiration behind this story/series?

My inspiration centers around two families—the Peppermans and the Helmslys. One family is black, the other white. They become friends in New Jersey in 1967, typically a time when this didn’t happen. The families bonded because they each had suffered a similar tragedy. My first book, Pepperman’s Promise which introduces the families, is not a mystery, but it lays the groundwork for the characters you meet in Perplexity and Panic Point, Books One and Two of The Pepperman Mystery Series.

One thing that has surprised and pleased me is several families whose last name is Pepperman have reached out to me to ask how I chose the name Pepperman. Some of these I correspond with from time to time.

Do you have a favourite character? If so, why?

In Panic Point there is a minor character named Manley Pharts. He presents a light and humorous side in an extremely tense situation. Pharts is a Cajun you can’t help but like.

How did you convince yourself that your characters’ motivations were believable?

Many of my readers comment that my characters are believable. And, that’s because a lot them are based on the personalities of people I know.

What is your writing process to get from concept to ready to publish?

I plot my scenes and acts much like a screen writer. I know the beginning and end before I write my first page. Of course, I tweak the plot when a change is necessary. I work closely with my editor to present the best story possible.

I write in a spiral notebook with a blue Bic pen. That’s something that won’t change. Old style, but it works for me.

How did you go about getting your books published?

It’s cliché, but true—don’t ever, ever quit. Keep writing. Stay with it until you reach your goal. It can happen. 

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