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Wolf of Choice

An impossible truth discovered. A perilous journey ahead. A deadly decision to be made.

Almost sixteen, Elita White is finally at Lupine Academy where she belongs and ready to Shift for the first time when a devastating discovery turns her whole life upside down. Distressed but determined, she scrambles to uncover the truth, only to inadvertently unleash devastation on her Pack.

Far from her new home, Elita is faced with a decision that will change not only her own destiny, but the fate of the world. That is, if she can make it out alive…

Wolf of Choice is the first novel in The Shifters and Sorceresses Trilogy, a young adult epic fantasy series.

Featured: Aquaria

Lost on a glacier and close to death, Andrea finds an unexpected ally. A research facility on one of Saturn’s moons holds a disturbing mystery. Fídi longs to escape her aunties’ island, but they sink any ship that comes close.

AQUARIUS is a collection of twisted poems and dark stories inspired by this enigmatic Zodiac sign, as well as retellings of the myths behind the sign. The tales span multiple genres, including science fiction, horror, fantasy, dystopian and urban fantasy, told by some award-winning authors and new stars of the Australian and New Zealand speculative fiction scene.


Featured: A Touch of Hope

100,000 words of hope.

This year, many Australian communities have been affected by bushfires. People—and animals—have lost their lives and their homes. The Australian Speculative Fiction community asked the question, ‘What can we do to help?’

‘Stories of Hope’ was born from the smoke and ashes, an anthology of fantasy and science fiction tales based on the theme of ‘hope.’ All money raised from the sales of this book will be donated to WWF's Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund and the Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund.

This is no ordinary anthology, it’s a message of hope for the future.

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