2019 Goal Review

Hey Everyone!

This year has once again been a busy one, and despite my goals changing throughout the year and not achieving some, I am feeling quite proud of my progress at home, work and particularly in the writing world!


1. Write at least 250 words per week on my novel manuscript.

This one didn't happen for the whole year. Instead, I worked on different projects at different times. I should also note, that some weeks I wrote nothing, while others I wrote over 10k. It all worked out in the wash!

I completed my first draft of Lupine Academy Book One (YA epic fantasy), which I have now printed and begun to edit. Getting it bound was my congrats to myself on completing an entire novel!

I also wrote a short story called 'Aquaria' which is being published in an anthology by Deadset Press in January next year. Hello published author!

2. Enter at least 6 Furious Fiction Competitions.

This one I deprioritised in favour of working on my manuscripts and stories to be put forward for publication. So while I did a couple, I did not finish all six, nor will I have this as a goal moving forward. I feel my priorities at this point are more focussed on completing manuscripts for publication whether they be traditional or self-published.

3. Get my 2 PB manuscripts submitted in time for their assessment with Clare Hallifax from Scholastic at the Creative Kids Tales Writers Festival on the 6th of April.

As mentioned in my mid-year review, I achieved this one. The feedback was great! Though I did shelve these manuscripts to work on my longer work and short stories. I hope to revisit them in the future, though not before I finish with Lupine Academy (unless they call to me of course!).

4. Make at least 2 Twitter pitches for my PBs and/or submissions to agents or publishers.

As already mentioned I stopped working on these pieces and will obviously not look to submit until I have reviewed the feedback on them properly.

Regarding my Gemini submissions for the Zodiac anthology, they were both unsuccessful. In happier news, I did get a story in for the Aquarius Zodiac anthology.

5. Continue building my author platform and engaging with the #writingcommunity via my website, Twitter and Facebook.

This goal was a pretty big success. My Twitter following is now up to 2.6k plus (it was 1.5k+ mid-year). I have had the opportunity to work with a number of Indie and traditional authors for my book tours and author interviews. I have some really exciting features booked in for next year already!

I have spent a lot of time connecting with other authors on Twitter and Facebook, replying to posts and sharing things about my own life and writing. It has been a great adventure that I look forward to continuing next year.

Things not on my list that I achieved this year:

- Completed two Australian Writers' Centre courses - How to Write for Children and Young Adults and Novel Writing Essentials (both with the wonderful Pamela Freeman)

- Got the best critique partner ever! (from an above course)

- Developed an amazingly supportive and encouraging writing group (from the other above course)

- Got a short story selected for publication

- Completed an entire first draft manuscript and began editing it (with some feedback already in from my CP and writing group)

Thanks for reading my 2019 goal review. I'd love to hear about what you have achieved this year and if your goals ended the way they started! Please comment below or get in contact another way, I really would love to hear from you!

That's it for me for 2019 (unless you are getting my December newsletter of course!). I'll be back at the start of the new year with a new set of goals and things to share. Until then...

Shay :)

© 2018 by Shay Laurent. 

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