Book Review - Rilla (Paradise Series)

Updated: Oct 26, 2019


By Ivana L. Truglio

Published in 2014 by Jonquil Press

Rilla is the first book in the Paradise Series. It is a fictional story about a girl named Rilla and her companions who take a treacherous journey away from their Paradise with an Outworlder, in the hopes of saving themselves from the danger within. Their journey sees them meeting both friends and foe, and discovering themselves and each other along the way.

Rilla was an engaging read that was wrought with emotion. Each of the characters felt real to me and I was able to connect with them in the story. Their feelings were portrayed in such a way that I was feeling right along with them, and there were definitely some tears! The building tension between the characters and the rapidly developing plot had me eagerly turning pages to find out what would happen next.

The part of Rilla I enjoyed most was when Rilla and her companions arrived in Silvaren to visit the elves. In particular, I enjoyed what the characters learned about themselves through their interactions with Silvaren, the elves and each other. Not to mention the drama that ensued when a secret or few were ousted!

The only downside to Rilla for me, was that it ended. Though on a more positive note, I have already purchased book two,Illaria, and am about to start reading it. 

Overall, I found Rilla to be a real page turner! I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the fantasy genre. Bring on book two! And in the words of Ivana in my signed edition; Happy Reading!


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