Book Tour & Author Interview: HURRICANES 2007 by DARÍO AGUILAR PEREGRINA

Hurricanes 2007

By Darío Aguilar Peregrina

A long time ago, a meteorite fell in the middle of a hurricane killing several researchers from the National Hurricane Center, swallowing up the entire storm.

While investigating, scientists experimented with the remains of the space rock, discovering that it had the capacity to manipulate the hurricanes or any other natural phenomenon, being these reasons why the project was titled "Hurricanes 2007".

Subsequently, a gifted mercenary called Katrina Fernandez, popularly known in her country as "The Hurricane Katrina," heard there was a reward for stealing the project, but in doing so and being surrounded by police, she decided to commit suicide....

10 years later, the Doctor Dominic Carson Phoenix, who was a member of the project, kept a complete sample finding that it had healing powers and after suffering an accident with his wife and daughter, dying the former, Carson decided to inject the entire substance to his little girl named Darcy Ember Phoenix...

Meanwhile, in Mexico, a navy cadet called Rio Pedroza was fighting every day for a better nation that lately was filled with corruption, violence, unemployment and crime. But when one day she was called to bring help to the Drayson Martle Harbor, things would change.

About the Author:

Darío Aguilar Peregrina

Darío was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mexican Law and is an international lawyer. He was raised by his family, including his grandfather Manuel Aguilar, who was a poet, his aunt Dulce, an elementary school teacher and his loving and affectionate mom, Elisa.

He has been writing since he was 6-7 years old. He started this writing journey after watching movies such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Day After Tomorrow, a lot of superhero stuff and anime like Haruhi, SAO, Attack on Titan and more.

His stories are based on personal experiences, but are a blend of those and his imagination, touching themes that range from having mature storylines to being family-friendly. Darío bases his characters on himself and other people that he cares about.

The creation of Darío’s books stemmed from playing with toys and writing a story called “Mexico” that was about Superheroes, and a lot of Mexican toys and T.V. programs.

Darío’s passions include swimming and bodybuilding. A dream that he has is to give his mom a better life and be able to have a new house, hopefully in Brisbane, Australia or in Los Angeles, California.

You can connect with him on Twitter and can find his author pages on both Goodreads and Amazon.

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What compelled you to write Hurricanes 2007?

What compelled me was my country's security problem and my love for action (Spider-Man 2002), natural disasters (The Day After Tomorrow and 2012) and fantasy (Harry Potter saga) movies.

With "Hurricanes 2007" I want to show the world how the Mexicans can be known as heroes not as criminals as many media paint us.

What was your writing process for creating this book?

Since I changed the story so many times after being dissatisfied with the plot, it took me 11 years to publish "Hurricanes 2007". I cracked it between 2018 and early 2019.

What programs do you use for planning and writing, and why?

I only use Microsoft Word for writing. My planning for a novel is relatively fast since I normally complete an outline in a few days and start writing a chapter that isn't long. I take up to 6 months to edit- publish in Spanish and a month to translate my novel into English.

What sort of advertising have you done for this book?

I have a book trailer which everyone can see here:

So far it has over 200 views. I have promoted my book on Twitter a lot.

In Mexico, my book has received a good response and many people have started to share my story with others.

What is one piece of advice you'd like to give to emerging authors?

My advice is for them to follow their dreams and to not let anyone interfere with them.

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