Book Tour & Author Interview: SERVED COLD by ALAN BAXTER


By Alan Baxter

16 stories of horror

and the dark fantastic

"At turns creepy and visceral, Baxter delivers the horror goods." - Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and The Cabin at the End of the World

Baxter’s second volume of collected short fiction contains sixteen stories of horror, the dark fantastic, and the weird, three of the them entirely new for this book, and a few others from publications with a limited distribution. Stories outsiders and bad places, of mistakes and revenge, of desperation and determination, all served cold.

Alan Baxter is a British-Australian multi-award-winning author of horror, supernatural thrillers, and dark fantasy. He’s also a martial arts expert, a whisky-soaked swear monkey, and dog lover. He creates dark, weird stories among dairy paddocks on the beautiful south coast of NSW, Australia, where he lives with his wife, son, and hound. The author of nearly twenty books including novels, novellas, and two short story collections, so far. You can find him online at or connect with him on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to tell him what you think. About anything.

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What was the inspiration for SERVED COLD?

When you write a lot of short fiction, it's natural to periodically collect those stories into single volumes. This is my second collection of short stories, after my first, Crow Shine, which came out in 2016. Crow Shine was horror and dark fantasy, while Served Cold leans more into horror territory. Thematically it seems to centre around revenge and consequences, but then so much of my work does!

Do you have a favourite story and/or character? If so, why?

No! I can't pick a favourite. There are three new, previously unpublished stories in Served Cold and I'm very proud of all of those. The thing about a good collection (and I hope this IS a good collection!) is that it holds together well in each of its component parts, but holds even better when taken as a whole. So it's hard to pick a favourite.

What is your most interesting writing quirk?

I don't really know. I'm sure I have plenty of them but I don't know what they are!

Can you briefly describe your journey from idea to publication for


As mentioned above, it's really simply a timing thing. When enough stories are out there to make a new, cohesive collection, I try to get a publisher on board. Having had a great experience with Grey Matter Press on my novella, Manifest Recall, and my novel, Devouring Dark, I approached them and was very happy when they said yes.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give authors who are working towards being published for the first time?

Don't quit.

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