Let #2019 begin.. Well for my writing anyway!

Hey everyone,

So it's 2019 now... yes, yes, I know it's almost the end of February!... But life got a little hectic with family life and work life. So, here we are - my beginning of 2019!

Back in January I managed to do one thing. I sat down and reflected on my start to writing last year and wrote out my goals for this year, before aforementioned life got in the way that was. But I digress... We were discussing my goals. This year I wanted to make sure that I set myself some achievable goals, keeping in my mind that I may need to change and adapt these goals throughout the year depending on, well, life!

My #2019 Writing Goals:

1. Write at least 250 words per week on my novel manuscript.

2. Enter at least 6 Furious Fiction Competitions.

3. Get my 2 PB manuscripts submitted in time for their assessment with Claire Hallifax from Scholastic at the Creative Kids Tales Writers Festival on the 6th of April.

4. Make at least 2 Twitter pitches for my PBs and/or submissions to agents or publishers.

5. Continue building my author platform and engaging with the #writingcommunity via my website, Twitter and Facebook.

There you have it. Five goals, seemingly achievable... though with another bundle of joy due in July and my first turning 1 in May, as well as being present at home and doing full time work for most of the year, it could be a hectic one!


To start my year on a positive note, I have:

- Got 1 manuscript ready and formatted for the Creative Kids Tales Writing Festival

- Posted on Twitter to the #writingcommunity

- Written this post (well i'm doing it now!)

Stay tuned for more from me throughout the year and be sure to sign up to my site and send me through a link to yours so I can check it out too!

Happy reading and writing!


© 2018 by Shay Laurent. 

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