Mid-Year Goal Review

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Hey Everyone!

So I thought I'd check back in on the goals I set for myself earlier this year. It sure has been an eventful one so far. Between working full time, having family time, including welcoming home our new baby girl this July and trying to have creative time, it's been full on! To make things a little more complicated, I also find there are so many things I am wanting to try in the creative world that making huge gains on any one thing is proving difficult! Let's see where I'm at thus far with my goals this year.


1. Write at least 250 words per week on my novel manuscript.

- This one has definitely fallen by the wayside! I have discovered weekly goals is not really my style. I seem to work better on a deadline instead, and as such have gotten other writing projects done but not as much progress on my novel. How do you work best?

2. Enter at least 6 Furious Fiction Competitions.

- Well - I've entered 2 so far. So technically I am still on track - providing I complete 4/5 Furious Fiction competitions to finish out the year. Do you participate in Furious Fiction? If so, how often?

3. Get my 2 PB manuscripts submitted in time for their assessment with Clare Hallifax from Scholastic at the Creative Kids Tales Writers Festival on the 6th of April.

- I did it! One goal achieved already - happy days! You can check out my blog post from the Creative Kids Tales Festival to learn some of the great tidbits I picked up there. It was a very valuable experience! Do you have a favourite conference that you attend, or one you have your eye on for next time?

4. Make at least 2 Twitter pitches for my PBs and/or submissions to agents or publishers.

- I have been working on other projects since the festival earlier this year, and have therefore left my PBs sit for a while. I plan on touching back with them later this year for re-writes based on my feedback.

- In other news on submissions - I actually submitted a piece of work to the Gemini Zodiac Anthology being edited by Aussie Speculative Fiction, which I am super excited about. Not sure when I will hear back, but keep your fingers crossed for me! Have you made any submissions this year?

5. Continue building my author platform and engaging with the #writingcommunity via my website, Twitter and Facebook.

- This one I have definitely been working on! I have mainly focused on Twitter and my Website. I have followed lots more people on Twitter and built my following as well. I am up to 1500+ followers so far and continue engaging to try and get more. I have also put a lot of time into the book tours on my website this year, where I feature other authors, including their books and interviews. I have then been sharing these on Twitter during the allotted time. The first half of the year went really well and I plan to keep working on it!

So, overall I'd say I have made some pretty good progress towards my goals this year and I've learned a few things about the way I work best! Some other things I'm doing this year:

- An AWC course

- Learning to illustrate using Procreate (iPad) ->

- Graphic novel in either MG or YA (or just a normal novel - TBA!)

- Considering creating a free eZine around the numerous types of decisions that are made in the writing and illustrating world, hopefully with some contribution from the #writingcommunity - any interest in putting something in!?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about my writing goal progress this year and where you are at with yours so far too!

Shay :)

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